Hello, February! Hello, World! Hello, Knitstagram!

We’re not yet a month old as we started on January 9th, but we’re excited to move into the second month!! We’ve loved reading the comments you’ve left and checking out the blogs of other knitting/spinning/dyeing friends around the online fiber arts community. Connecting to new friends and fellow artistic types has been totally cool. I don’t know why I’m such a dullard about making friends over social media, but my mind is definitely opening!

There’s a whole magical fiber arts scene out there in internet-land; cheers to all the Instagrammers, Ravelers, Knittitors (/r/knitting), bloggers, YouTubers, and website owner/operators that have been inspiring me and making me feel super connected to the fiber arts world despite being a lone wolf knitter in my circle of friends on Java. There have also been a few who’ve given me ideas for taking pics of my knits…like this most recent FO (finished object) picture, the staging of which was inspired by some amazing Instagrammer or other. I think she was a Japanese knitter*:…

So, to the point: I’ve been quite ill for the past four or five days–undiagnosed, but I’ve decided it was the flu, which I don’t normally have and don’t really know how to recognize, but anyways I’m on the mend after a quick visit to the doctor**–and I’ve had a lot of time to goof around on the internet and find some juicy, sexy, delicious digital fiber arts “spaces,” all of which I want to share in the name of spreading the love and hopefully turning others on to the amazingness of these lovely people.

I’m going to share these with you in installments, I think. We’ve started a tab of “Places We Love” where we link to various knitting-related sites and blogs (see above), so I won’t make a post devoted to this, I’ll just try to add some details in the tab about what the sites are and why I love them. As far as posts go, I think I’ll do a post about Instagrammers, YouTubers, and…hmm, maybe one more. Etsy shops, perhaps?

This one will be about fiber arts-related Instagram accounts that make me breathe heavy. Yes, please imagine me staring at my admittedly soul-sucking smartphone with big, glassy eyes, red in the face, sweating on the upper lip and above the brow, breathing heavy and maybe drooling a little bit from the side of my mouth just from looking at some knits; it happens frequently. I’m excitable. I have a decent amount of free time on my hands plus I don’t have good cable or access to Netflix/Hulu on my Indonesian network…and I feel the passion for good-looking knitwear. #knitsexual?

Anyways, let’s not go down that path anymore. Without further fuss, here are my top knitting / fiber arts Instagram accounts, with some sample photos from each. These are listed in no particular order. Give them some love; follow if you feel piqued.

1. @knittersoftheworld

By Cassie Nedoroski, this account is a complication of various projects from knitters all over the world. She features several people each day. There are tons of badass Scandinavians as well as Japanese knitters featured. It’s cool to have even a miniscule like-based connection to people knittin’ up a storm in faraway lands. The pics are really inspiring, too, a testament to what creative knitters can do with sticks, string, and a camera or smartphone. I like that Cassie features people wearing knits alongside pics of just knits; after all, for many of us, knitting isn’t actually about the garment.

@orlaflo Lincolnshire @orlaflo Don't forget to follow!

A post shared by Cassie Nedoroski (@knittersoftheworld) on

Look at this cutie! @kokesis_g.c from Japan @kokesis_g.c Please follow 🙂

A post shared by Cassie Nedoroski (@knittersoftheworld) on

@westknits Amsterdam @westknits

A post shared by Cassie Nedoroski (@knittersoftheworld) on

(@westknits, the above feature, is a pretty cool place, too.)

2. @ontheround

Rachel Jones does a lot of amazing dyeing and spinning, and her no-nonsense style of photography is highly pleasing to me. She loves coffee and has a cute bebe. I’m pretty sure she doesn’t care about being fancy and high-brow and definitely sure she doesn’t need to be because she produces cool stuff and doesn’t need to GAF!

3. @aaronsarans

This designer dude, Aaron Fletcher, is from the UK. His knits and handspuns stand out from the crowd. Eco-friendly, dirty, funky, sensual–the mirror opposite of so many of the sterile, pastel, dare I say basic knitting accounts out there, most of which are just not for me (sorry for being a hater, but we gotta know what to spend our precious time on and what to pass over).

4. @woolcrush

Amy Higgins Stambaugh. Sleek, simple, beautiful. Naturally dyed, homespun, elegant. Not much to say on this one–the photographs say it all.

5. @arohaknits

Francoise Danoy seems like a cool, down-to-earth person that I’d probably want to have as a real-life friend. Her talent and cleverness belie her years. Her account is interactive. Her designs are classic and accessible. She’s as cute as a button.

6. @pigeonroofstudios

Although the studio owner, Krista McCurdy, uses mostly acid dyes rather than natural dyes, I can’t deny that the results are stunning. Plus, many of her colorways mimic naturally dye results and she does do some dyeing with natural materials, so I just tell myself lies that they’re all made using plant-based materials instead of chemical dyes. Another plus: she has a lot of cats.

7. @sayakaish

A lady knitter and handcrafter in Osaka whose work is nice and whose pics are amusing. She does a lot of different things and I just like following her. I don’t know why, exactly. There’s something nice about following “normal” people–not professionals, not studio artists, not sellers–and seeing what they come up with.

The my first challange!! trial product knitting socks is slightly large😹 お昼からお見苦しい画像でごめんなさい(笑) #靴下編み に初チャレンジ。 キャストオン という技法らしい。 @itosakusocks さんの、爪先から編む靴下の動画を、穴が開くほど鑑賞し、再生、一時停止、再生、一時停止、、と、解説に追いつきながら、ここまできました。ありがとうございます。 本番糸は別で、試作品だからあまり糸で適当に編んでいたら、紫が入った途端に、おばーちゃん靴下みたいな色合いになり、驚愕(笑)毒キノコ靴下と名付け、適当な色合いで進める事にします。 かかと編みと、始末をこれで勉強するぞーーー*\(^o^)/* #socks #woolsocks #stockings #靴下 #試作品 #knitting #knit #handknit #handmade #crochet #yarnaddict #yarn #knitstagram #craft #wool #diy #ハンドメイド #手作り #手芸部 #編み物 #手仕事 #棒針編み #onthetable #暮らし #knittingsocks #sockyarn

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8. @loopymango 

So, this design studio in NYC is perfect. They make gigantic knits and yarns, and it is hilarious. Plus, they have Ewan McGregor holding yarn like a baby.

8. @knitswithballs

Krystofer Dixon knits cool stuff, posts a lot of inspirational/sartorial snippits, and is super sassy. I like his style. He amuses.

9. @moekeyarns

Ioana is an eco-friendly Romanian wool company. Their pictures are beautiful: soft, often greyscale, simple. They use natural dyes and keep their own sheep. They feature knit and crochet items, and their stuff is so beautiful that I don’t even mind the crochet. Wink.

10. @woolenviolet

Nikki Solomon lives in Asheville, NC, and it seems she grows many of the materials she uses in her dyeing process herself. Her photographs have a soft beauty, and she posts some really stunning images of the lovely Asheville. I have a special place in my heart for that town, only having visited once and longing to go back ever since.

So that’s the list for now! I’m sure there are plenty of more famous knitting Instagrammers out there that I’m completely unaware of, but these are the celebrities of my Instagram feed. I love their work and I appreciate them. Most of these I found through hashtags, and if you’re looking for accounts to explore, I’d suggest you just start clicking hashtags that resonate with you on the images that you like. That’s what I did. Easy as that. Hashtags aren’t always obnoxious and can, in fact, be useful!

What’s your favorite knitting or fiber arts Instagram? Leave a comment below to spread the love.

Big knitty love,

PS: You can find me on Instagram here and Lisa here.

*People. Japanese knitters are on point. I think I wanna do a post about Japanese knitters…

**I went to the doctor technically insured but wasn’t able to use my insurance there, and, even as an international patient, my examination and three forms of prescription meds were only about $13 total. Thank you, decent healthcare system in Indonesia. Although I’ve been prescribed questionable medicines before by questionably trained doctors in this country, I have to say that if you know where the best quality hospitals are in your area, you can get great help without breaking the bank. The US should take note.


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