A Spring Interlude

Spring has sprung here in Ohio. I have been meaning to write about sweater fixes – since I am in the middle of a whack of them. Can I consider four a whack? I would like to. (I haven’t disappeared! Spring is always a busy time in academia.)

However – I fell in love with a few gradients and got WILDLY distracted. So distracted. (Thank goodness I managed to get ahead in my classes or else I would be in a world of scholarly hurt right now. End of term/end of program approaching!)

Bowling Green (where I live) hosts an annual fiber fair that features local farms and spinners and ohmygoodness. It is always a treat. This year, I went with a friend (her first time!)

I walked away with some fun treats. I immediately fell in love with a rainbow gradient and a “peacock” inspired colorway (lots of deep blues, greens, and purples. Oh my goodness. I love peacock coloring) and despite my sweater on the needles* as soon as Casey and I departed, I casted on. I wanted something rainbow-y and springy and happy. The day after I purchased my lovely rainbow gradient, it snowed.

I protested by immediately casting on a top-down triangle shawl (and buying tulips). With a flowering lace and sparkly pretty beads in a fluffy white cloud. The gradient is from the fiber festival and the “cloud” is made out of Berroco’s Folio – the loft is just enough of a contrast to the ply to give it a nice loft.

 20150404_164433 20150409_003655 20150409_120912

And after that was finished … I casted on another gradient project. It’s Wicker Cowl by Kate Gagnon Osborn in Freia’s Fine handpaints in the Ice Queen colorway. I am moving to a much snowier place in August … I am preparing now.

*Do not be fooled – I have a lot of other projects on needles.


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